Camera Packages (April 2016)

Camera installations vary from a simple procedure to a complex network design depending on the type of camera system(s) necessary for your property. has a complex camera network due to the amount of images we receive each day and the multiple locations of our cameras.

Remote controllable Cellular Internet cameras systems from $1,700.00!

NOTE: We host live cameras for commercial applications with private/public web pages starting at $25/month.

Celllular Internet Camera information - Internet connection supplied by AirCard (Verizon).

Here is a picture of a solar powered trailered pan/tilt/zoom camera system used by some of our Texas Locations. This is a very portable system using cellular internet for image transfer. Cost vary depending on location and specific needs.

1. T type system $1,700.00 with Pan Tilt Zoom Camera 2.6x zoom. Camera is a 5by5by5 inch cube and easily hidden. Remote access and controlable depending on internet speeds.   Here is a simple home made from scrap wood  camera set up with solar cells, nothing fancy at all!. Here is another picture.

2. S type system $3,400.00 with Pan Tilt Zoom 26x zoom camera. Camera is mounted in a dome. Remote access and controlable depending on the internet speeds. Here is a picture of this domed camera system in our office.  All components are in the dome, notice the antenna on the side please.

3.  Here is a very sophisticated system designed for moble use in rough environments. A generator is inside too, and you can see the satellite disk for usage anywhere.  These systems run $20,000 and up.  Smaller trailered systems with cellular internet links and solar cells are available starting at $8,500.00.

Notes on Cellular System: All prices subject to sales tax and shipping charges.

You Supply a Marine 12volt DV deep cycle battery.  We can supply solar cells, mounting hardware, cellular air cards with Static IP addresses, and everything you need.  Heck, even a bucket truck if necessary for installation!

You can easily install the cellular systems. Just mount the dome to a board or tree. Connect the antenna. Then apply power to the red and black leads! Don't run naked in front of the camera because we will get you!

Installation: We will set-up and install camera(s) for you! We charge $500 for this installation plus bucket trucks if necessary (see below for breakdown of price):

  • $450.00 for 1/2 day of time within the Metro-Atlanta area.
  • $50.00 travel fee within a 150 mile radius of Metro-Atlanta. (Yes, we can go outside that range, depending on the local food.)
  • Otherwise a daily fee of $1,200.00 plus expenses.
  • Bucket trucks if necessary are additional

Contact:There are many variables in the camera systems and installation. Please call us for a free consultation. We do accept credit cards (Visa, and MasterCard). Presently you must call in your orders so that an engineer can review your specific needs.